Jian Wang Chinese, b. 1958

For over 20 years Jian Wang has been serving bountiful helpings of color to audiences in the form of landscapes and still lifes rendered in vibrant oil paint.  Deep orange, emerald green, and luscious lavender suffuse his sumptuous works, inviting us to revel in the inspirational beauty around us.  Wang does not seek to capture the qualities of a specific object but rather the light and color harmonies of the piece.  Spacial relationships, color, and light are paramount for the artist. A student of Wayne Thiebaud, and a confident colorist, Wang uses heavy paint and broad, colorful brushstrokes, to create vibrant works which continue to delight.

 "My style involves tremendous physicality and emotion," he says. "I have a simple palette of eight colors, which I combine right on the canvas. I'm careful with my gestures; I carry many colors in a single brush stroke." Jian Wang