• NEW RELEASE:: Dancing Waters

    NEW RELEASE:: Dancing Waters

    Richard MacDonald
  • Introducing: Larisa Safaryan
  • Exclusive New Release: Origins Atelier
  • Chuck Close
    Image of Emma by Chuck Close
  • Dawson Cole Fine Art

    Dawson Cole Fine Art

    Gallery and Sculpture Garden
    Image of Richard MacDonald | Dawson Cole Fine Art
  • Jian Wang: Summer
    Image of Summer by Richard MacDonald
  • Richard MacDonald: In Studio

    Richard MacDonald: In Studio

    Image of Richard MacDonald: In Studio
  • Tom Betts

    Tom Betts

    Mojave Mountains & Cups
  • Joie De Vivre Heroic by Richard MacDonald

    Joie De Vivre Heroic by Richard MacDonald

    Image of Joie De Vivre Heroic by Richard MacDonald
  • Jim Lamb: Morning on China Cove
    Image of China Cove by Jim Lamb
  • Richard MacDonald

    Richard MacDonald

    The Spires Collection
    Image of Richard MacDonald Sculpture
  • Larisa Safaryan

    Larisa Safaryan

    Celestial Bodies IV
  • Richard MacDonald

    Richard MacDonald

    Image of Duality 2/3 Life by Richard MacDonald
  • Richard MacDonald

    Richard MacDonald

    Working live in his studio with Cirque Performers on Duality
    Image of Duality Richard MacDonald
  • Jian Wang

    Jian Wang

    Chinese Girl-Xioaqlin #2
    Image of Jian Wang
  • Richard MacDonald

    Richard MacDonald

    Nightfall Half Life with blue patina

Originally established in 1993, Dawson Cole Fine Art specializes in Contemporary and Modern sculpture, drawings, prints, and unique works on paper by American and European Masters. With a special concentration in Contemporary, Early Modern and West Coast Regionalism, the gallery offers works by mid-career and established artists including Richard MacDonald, Chuck Close, Jian Wang, Tom Betts, and Jim Lamb.