Larisa Safaryan Armenian

“I started using this unconventional and fragile medium because it resembles the fragility of life. I can show through my creations how beautiful and ephemeral that fragility can be.”

Larisa Safaryan has chosen to work with a most unconventional and delicate medium: an eggshell. Without question she is an innovator in what she does.The strength and fragility of humanity is revealed in Larisa Safaryan's works. The smooth shape of an egg is the artist's "canvas" upon which ideas about life, renewal and rebirth are formed. Her work is like nothing that exists at this time.

Larisa Safaryan's pieces are delicate but intense, elaborate yet simple, harmonious and elegant. The spirit of innovation and excitement is at the heart of all that Larisa Safaryan creates. The love, passion and thought that goes into each of her pieces is truly inspirational. Most of her works show incredible use of colors. They also demand meticulous attention to detail, strict concentration, and surgical precision.


Through each brushstroke, Safaryan invites viewers on a reflective journey, seeking meaning and contemplation within the intricate layers of her art. Her visionary approach breathes new life into the art world, encouraging viewers to reimagine the possibilities within the realm of mixed media. With her groundbreaking technique, Safaryan continues to push artistic boundaries and spark conversations about the profound beauty found in the delicate balance of our existence.


Driven by her artistic philosophy, Safaryan ensures nothing goes to waste during the creation process. Once the eggshells are utilized, the eggs are cooked and distributed to those in need. This act symbolizes her commitment to compassion, kindness, and the interconnectedness of humanity. Safaryan’s dedication to creating a positive impact beyond the art world is truly inspirational.



Larisa Safaryan was born is Yerevan, Armenia and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.  


Larisa has never attended an art class. It's not a surprise, however, that she started creating after seeing the work of her father, Nairi Safaryan,  who is a renowned wood sculptor.


She has a master's degree in Psychology, and a second master's degree in Public Management. Larisa Safaryan credits her education with allowing her to see people and the world from a different perspective and apply it to her passion for creating art in unique ways. The absence of the influences of a formal art school education gave Larisa Safaryan artistic freedom and opportunity to explore and develop her own techniques, and ways of expressing herself. Certainly, she is one of the most inventive artists working today.