Richard MacDonald | Reflection & Introspection: Meet the Artist: Saturday, October 8 from 7-9 PM & Sunday, October 9 from 12-3 PM

8 - 30 October 2022


The paradox of an artist’s life is that they are both independent of time, and deeply connected to the times in which they live.



 Artist Reception: Saturday October 8th, 7-9 PM and Sunday, October 9th , 12-3 PM




In the vast confusion of life with its myriad influences and rapid flow of events, it is almost impossible to see the big shapes of history forming around us—we are too close to it, and too preoccupied. Artists are like those who stand on a hill, with an elevated perspective and a far-reaching view.  From this vantage point they can see the greater sweep of our times, and “report back to us”.  The wonder of art is that this exchange is largely an unconscious one—artists exercise their heightened perception and filter their impressions back to us, and in this we can see the times we live in with greater clarity.  

Join us and meet the artist for "Reflection & Introspection" on Saturday, October 8th from 7-9 PM and Sunday, October 9th from 12-3 PM.