Richard MacDonald: Sculptor

Essays by Frederick Turner and Christopher Finch, 2015
Hardcover 332 pages
Publisher: Richard MacDonald Studios
ISBN: 978-0991302208
Dimensions: 12.25 x 13.25 in

Richard MacDonald: Sculptor features rich, close-up color photography with incredible detail, illuminating painterly surfaces on bronze, plaster, and marble. Intimate images of the artist at work, outdoor monuments, and an extensive black and white oeuvre of sculptures celebrate over 25 years of MacDonald’s artistry.

This exquisite volume presents the artist’s most breathtaking masterpieces and reveals his initial influences, ultimate inspirations, and tenacious spirit. From powerful performers and contemporary nudes to passionate dancers and mythic paramours, MacDonald’s ability to portray the human spirit ensures his legacy as one of the foremost figures in 21st century sculpture.



Richard MacDonald: Sculptor
$ 175.00