Richard MacDonald

Red Solo Exhibition 2015
July 18, 2019

Richard MacDonald: red is a solo exhibition presenting a profoundly exciting new direction in the artist's career. Richard MacDonald: Red features 42 bronze sculptures, from quarter life to heroic, together with original drawings from throughout the artist’s career, all united within this common color structure.

Richard MacDonald: red chronicles the appearance of red from MacDonald's early drawings, including Study of a Young Dancer 1998 , to the 2015 red veiling of the iconic work Blind Faith Heroic. Yin & Yang and Aurora, both created in 2014, initiated the technique that was later to evolve into a deep exploration of the role that color plays in figurative sculpture.

On location at Dawson Cole Fine Art, Lincoln & Sixth Avenue, Carmel
Prämiering October 3, 2015