Richard MacDonald’s Atelier Collection features pieces from his collected works that highlight iconic aspects of his lifelong inspiration—they represent the breadth of his artistic career.  The term Atelier from French means “artist workshop,” and it encompasses the idea that the master artist leads a creative enterprise–a place of education, collaboration, and primarily, the realization of the artists most ambitious ideas. Such a studio is a creative hub, bursting with the energy of the times—a meeting place for artists, writers, philosophers, and musicians. 


Each Atelier sculpture is created by hand, following the intensive and time-honored process that takes a clay sculpture through the multiple steps of the lost wax method to be cast in bronze. Each piece is sculpted, cast, and finished with a unique patina in Richard MacDonald’s Monterey studio and foundry - and each comes in a limited edition and is numbered and signed by Richard MacDonald. The Atelier Collection emcompasses scaled-down sizes of larger masterworks for you to enjoy the beauty and passion of a Richard MacDonald creation in your own home.