Considered one of America’s greatest figurative sculptors, Richard MacDonald focused intently on the minerals and pigments of his patinas in 2014 and 2015. The results are seen in Richard MacDonald: red, which displays the artist’s creative immersion into the hue, the emotion and the narrative of color. Known worldwide as a post-modern master of emergent figurative sculpture, MacDonald explicates his patinas to the same nth degree of perfection as the bronze figures themselves. "Yin & Yang" and "Aurora", both created in 2014, initiated the technique that was later to evolve into a deep exploration of the role that color plays in figurative sculpture.

It is the most stimulating color in human psychology.
meaning and emotional responses are complex and diverse
controlling and liberating
energy, love, hyper, sensuousness, happiness, good fortune
Red is the color of our Life's Force.
The color red in my work excites me, along with the forms, the beauty,
the concepts and the psychology it entices.
the freedom of human spirit
The color red permeates humanity and stimulates optimism.
A joy and a sensuousness that is the very color that runs through our veins
our very Life force
-Richard MacDonald