Richard MacDonald Atelier Collection

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    New Release: Blind Trust, Atelier

    New Release

    Blind Trust, Atelier

    Recently pre-released from Richard MacDonald, Blind Trust is emblematic of our universal experience of life as a quest of the will that pushes back the eternal uncertainty of our existence.  Poised with inner strength and confidence on the unstable and ever-shifting cube that represents the world we can never control: yet their graceful juggling and perfect balance carry the ironic truth of our lives—we can control ourselves, and through this act of the mind and body we are able to create wonders.  Blind Trust carries a message that we all instinctively understand.  Untold ages of human experience are distilled into two forms, male and female, in this important new work by Richard MacDonald, and in their harmony we discover ourselves.

    The two figures rotate in unison. Image depicts 2 of many views of the same sclupture. 

    Pre-release price of $11,500 with anticipated delivery Summer 2020.